This Friday! Offbeat Belly Dance at the Analog Cafe! Free Awesome Show! Join us! Wooooo!

Ye gods, busy Portlanders! Do you know what time it is?

It’s time for Offbeat!

Well, it’s almost time for Offbeat. This Friday at 7? That will definitely be time for Offbeat.

And do you know who should be there?

You, charismatic and insouciant patron of the eccentric arts!

Yes, you, noble Portlander.

The show will be awesome.

The show will be off the chain.

The show will be FREE!

But the show will not be complete without you, dear Portlander. So please join us, for verily, our lineup is completely badass this month and I’d sincerely hate for you to miss out on all the fun. 🙂

Join us, and marvel at the dazzling mad skillz of:


And Vee!

Yes, the mighty horsemen ride at half strength this month, due to time constraints at our beloved venue, but fear not, Stalwart Portlander – that just means that Vee and Jasmine will be twice as badass as usual (egads! is that possible? come see the awesomeness for yourself!)

We will also delight to the riveting talents of:

Beloved for her theatrical, innovative, bewitching dance pieces, we are thrilled to welcome back local talent and beloved friend of Offbeat:

Niira Daniella!

We rejoice in the return of captivating soloist and veteran of many fascinating dance projects (including most recently the much loved and feared Ultranorn Valkyrga):

Margaret Gustafson!

We gleefully anticipate a marvelous and sinuous duet between two amazing and talented Deviant Dance alumni (one of whom is also a founding mother of Bridgetown Revue):

Erika Ryn and Jewls J Phoenix!

And! Last but certainly not least, we are so excited for an amazing and thrilling performance by the glorious and mesmerizing:

Gypsy Heart Tribal Dance Company!

Yes, dear Portlander, this will be an awesome show. It will be a delight for the senses!

All this talent! On just one stage!

All those delicious beverages and food items! On just one menu!

All that amazing fellowship betwixt your fabulous self and your fellow Offbeatniks! On just one night!

Friday night!

Please do join us, sassy Portlander. You owe it to yourself. It’s been a long week, yo. You deserve some off-kilter awesomeness and badass belly dance in your life. Come be a part of the magic!

Viva Offbeat! Yiyiyi!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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