Zighala Zurah

Zighala Zurah is a Turkish American Fusion dancer hailing from Portlandia. She danced and competed in Scottish Highland Dance from ages 4-16, and has studied and loved fourteen other types of dance in the past 20 years.
She has been belly dancing since 2005, and has taken classes and workshops from 25 instructors: Tiffany, Vee, Karissa, Severina, Saqra, Shoshanna Rose, Casseiopia, Zoe Jakes, Yemaya, Endiemme, Aneena, Ireta, Gaylene, Sidonia Om Dunia, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Coleena Shakti, Ashley Lopez, Grace Constantine, Erika Ryn, Maia Alexandra, Karla, and Bevin Victoria.
She performs regularly as one of The Four Horsemen of Offbeat Belly Dance (www.offbeatbellydance.com, and on Facebook!) and throughout the Portland metro area and beyond! She teaches at the Viscount Dance Studios, sharing her love and knowledge of the magical art of belly dance.

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