Offbeat! THIS FRIDAY! Free Show! Wooooo!

Yiyiyi! It’s time!

Join us THIS FRIDAY for this month’s edition of the one, the only, the original gangster – Offbeat Belly Dance!

This month we have glorious returning champions!





And we have thrilling newcomers!



Finally and fabulously, this month we have the second Offbeat performance of the luminous and illustrious…


Ye gods, such variety! Old friends! New friends! Each one a fantastic dancer, and each one looks forward to dancing for you, noble Portlander. Yes you. And other noble Portlanders too, of course, but really. You should join us. Forsooth, it shall be off the hook, yo. Come get some of our awesomeness!

As always, the show is freeeeeeeeeeee!

As always, the show is fabulous!

As always, the show is early! (7 to 9!)

And as ever, the Blue Monk’s delectable happy hour goes until 8pm. Such food! Such drink! Such an economical yet amazing entertainment option!


Viva Offbeat!


Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance


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