Offbeat Belly Dance! Tonight! Free, fabulous, fun show! Get some!

The beautiful and fearsome Zighala Zurah, one of the four horsemen of Offbeat

Tonight! So many awesome things to do in our fair city!

Including Offbeat Belly Dance!

We’re free, we’re fun, we’re early, and we have an absolutely fabulous lineup tonight, meticulously hand crafted for your enjoyment.

Do join us and be a part of the magic!

Already got plans? That’s cool! Consider us a marvelous springboard into a fun filled weekend, and stop by to say hi – perhaps you can only stay for a moment or two, or perhaps you will be drawn in by the sparkles and the fellowship and spend the entire evening in the company of our merry crew of rapscallions!

Wherever your evening takes you, I hope that your Friday is jampacked with awesomeness (and if you find your Friday needs some extra awesome, then you know where to find us )

Viva Offbeat! Wooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

P.S.  Need the details?  Behold!  Ye olde facebook invite:

This Friday! Offbeat’s Triumphant Return!

It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had an Offbeat show, right?

I know my soul keens for the fun times and excellent dancing that abounds at our convivial and unique little show in the mysterious and tastefully appointed basement of everyone’s favorite jazz club.

Does your soul keen for such things as well, Gentle Portlander?

If so, then you’re in luck! Join us this Friday for the July edition of Offbeat! Woooo!

Our lineup features sparkling and dynamic returning champions:



And Karissa!

We shall also be joined by two of my favorite local dancers:

Margaret Gustafson!


Jo Noura!

And we are thrilled to announce a marvelous Offbeat debut performance (verily, Incisive Portlander, we are thrilled and glittering at the very thought of it)!

Join us this Friday for the Offbeat Belly Dance debut of:


Perhaps you’ve taken the belly dance basics class she teaches with Lisa Vavrek of Scarlet Thistle at 6pm on Sundays at Znama Dance?

If not, then you should definitely check them out, and join us this Friday to check out her enchanting Offbeat debut!

And we are beyond delighted to share the stage with a marvelously talented Portlander who currently hangs her hat in the faraway land of Boston – our very special guest:

Bevin Victoria Solmon aka Hybrid!

Yaaaaaaay! So excited to share the stage with this lineup, and to share the evening with you, charismatic patron of Portland’s underground belly dance scene 😀

Can you feel it, Zesty Portlander?

The sparkling anticipation of a night of amazing dancing?

The effervescent promise of the Blue Monk’s fine food and drink, the merry fellowship, the vivacious allskates?

The electric current of excitement that crackles in the very air that we breathe?

That’s the undeniable pull of Offbeat, beckoning you to come be a part of the magic, this Friday at the Blue Monk!

As always, the show is early (so convenient!)

As always, the show is free (a very good price!)

And as always, the show will be faaaaabulous (and will be rendered infinitely more so by your presence!)

Join us this Friday for good times and great dancing at Portland’s favorite monthly showcase of off-kilter awesomeness!

Viva Offbeat! Wooooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

This Friday! Join us for Offbeat’s Off-schedule Awesomeness!

Friends! Strangers! Casual Acquaintances! Are you ready for Offbeat?

I know, I know, you may not think it’s time for Offbeat yet. You’re used to having us on your calendar as a Third Friday event.

However, due to the capriciousness of the calendar gods, the June edition of Offbeat is THIS Friday!

So! If our usual schedule makes it tough for you to make it to a show, please do capitalize upon this rare opportunity to catch us on a different night!

And! If you’re a regular fixture at our shows, a card carrying Offbeatnik, then hey – how awesome is it that our show is running early this month? Please join us this Friday and don’t miss your June fix of Offbeat awesomeness!

And speaking of awesomeness, check out this lineup:

We will be joined by returning champions:

Jasmine Rain!

and Karissa!

And, after far, far too long an absence from our stage, we are delighted to welcome the return of one of the Portland belly dance scene’s hardest working community members:

Bianca McCarthy!

(Yes! The mastermind behind 9 Ladies Dancing Productions! One of the fine folks who bring you Jamballah! The producer of Dead Men Tell No Tales! And so! much! more! Seriously, she’s everywhere! And this Friday she’s on our stage – don’t miss the fabulousness!)

Furthermore, we welcome back another amazing, hard working dancer about town:

Stephanie Sandmeyer!

(That’s right! You’ve seen her with Deviant Dance, you’ve read her kickass belly dance journal, From the Hip, you’re probably still reeling from the incredible From the Hip Spring Showcase that she produced. Now come see her solo in fine Offbeat style!)

We also have two (count ’em! two!) thrilling Offbeat debuts!

Our first debut dancer has graced our stage before with the charmingly riveting troupe Tableaux Vivant, but never before has she graced us with a solo performance. This Friday, that all changes with the Offbeat solo debut of:

Lili Ristagno!

And last, but certainly not least, our second debut dancer has not yet trod upon our stage, though you surely have seen her beautiful, haunting solo work at many of Portland’s finest shows like Raqs Oubliettes. Perhaps you saw her dazzling troupe performance at this year’s Tribal Fest, with the Datura Dance Company? Even if you’ve somehow missed her magic thus far, please don’t miss the Offbeat debut of:

Tabra Bay!

Zounds, ladies and gentlemen! This will be a truly fabulous show!

Please do join us this Friday so that you can be a part of the magic – because even with a lineup this badass, our night will still be incomplete without you, dear Portlander!

And remember to get there early! Our beloved venue is running multiple shows per night these days, so we’re trying to run more on time(ish)!


The show starts at 7(srsly) and runs til 9:30(ish)

As always, the show is FREEEEEEEE (such a deal!)

The drinks, the nomz, and the fellowship will each be delectable beyond compare!

And you, noble Portlander, yes you should join us there!

Viva summertime! Viva you! And viva Offbeat! Wooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

This Friday! Offbeat Belly Dance! Woooo!

Ye gods, but the months zip by in a glittering quickstep these days, do they not?

No? This is just a me thing?

Oh. Ok, fine… no really, it’s fine, whatever. I’ll just be over here feeling out of step with the current pace of society, it’s cool…

But do you know where you should be? Like, this Friday, for instance?

At the glorious May edition of Offbeat Belly Dance! WOOOO!

Good Portlanders, I’m not gonna try to be humble about this – we have an awesome lineup planned out just for you, good looking and festive supporter of the local underground arts scene 😀

We have an amazing and delightful Offbeat debut, including:

Janessa! Originally from the Bay Area, this evocatively snakey and engagingly precise dancer grew up belly dancing at renaissance fairs and and is now a delightful and talented part of the Portland belly dance community! Join us in welcoming her to the humble yet quirky Offbeat stage!


Shallah! Yes, the magnificent host of the much beloved 2nd Friday of Bellydance at Marino’s Cafe (all ages! every 2nd Friday! freeee!), this incandescent dancer is always a delight to watch – that glorious veil work! that sparkling stage presence! – and she has far too long been a stranger to our stage! We are thrilled to have her back! Truly, dear Portlander, you must not miss this! 😀

And as if that’s not enough, we are in store for a simply glorious performance by the shamelessly marvelous and impeccably costumed longtime Offbeat vato:


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So excited!

And! Prepare yourself to be amazed by the dazzling spectacularness of our returning champions:

The Vivacious and Sparkly VEE!

The Zippy and Stunning Zighala Zurah!

The Juicy and Scintillating Jazmine!

Furthermore! Our special guest for the evening is a delightful, amazingly talented local artist who is – alas – leaving us oh so soon for the brighter lights of a bigger city… So you’d best soak up all the opportunities to see her dance in Portland before she packs up and ships out to NYC… Yes, that’s right, the one, the only, the awesome:


And there will be charming and sassy MCing by your humble yet glittery host, Karissa!

As always, the show will kick ass and you really should come be a part of the magic if you like badass belly dance that’s sometimes alternative, sometimes traditional, but always awesome 🙂

As always, the show is FREEEE!

As always, the show starts at 7 (no really – we’re running on time these days, as the Blue Monk is booking a late show after Offbeat – come for the Offbeat, stay for the late show! or just come for Offbeat, but if you do that then please seriously get there by 7)

As always, the nomz and food will be delicious and hearty, just like the nourishing, convivial fellowship that you, too, can be a part of if you join us!

Forsooth, sassy Portlander, you need to be a part of this! Come join us this Friday, at Offbeat! Woooooo!

Hugz and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

This Friday! Offbeat Belly Dance! Fifth Anniversary Extravaganza! Wooo!

Friends! Romans! Portlanders! Ninjas! Pirates! Miscreants! Hipsters! And all other players to be named later – Lend me your eyeballs!

Forsooth! This is a Very Special Invite to a Very Special Episode of Portland’s own Offbeat Belly Dance!

Our April show is going to be an awesome show. Why, you ask? Well, because they’re *always* awesome. Obviously! Psh… 😀

And also?


That’s right! Five sparkly marvelous years ago the four horsemen of Offbeat and our many hale and hearty compatriots began a thrilling, uncharted journey through the far reaches of the wonderful world of belly dance! What a long, strange trip it’s been! Here’s to an even longer, stranger trip ahead!

Thank you for your continued support and radtacularness, festive and good looking Offbeat audience members! Without you, there would be no Offbeat and we would be sad (red) pandas.

So please join us! This Friday! As we kick off the next epic half decade of rock ’em sock ’em Offbeat Belly Dance goodness!

Our lineup is, as always, radsauce! We have the four horsemen of Offbeat! There shall be the long awaited return of a wonderful friend of Offbeat! We will behold the badass debut of a fantastic new friend of Offbeat! And! More!

Join us and delight at the daring dancing of:

The tireless promoter, the makeup ninja, the amazing instructor, the dubstep dancer herself:


The fiercely fantastic hiphop muse of glittery goodness:


The whirling dervish of crafty wonderment and sparkly sassiness:


(By the way, have you checked out her amazing harem pants and other wonders on sale at Jasmine’s Etsy page? No? Srsly bro, it’s fantastic stuff!)

We will witness the oh so triumphant return of Offbeat friend and family member and absolutely fabulous dancer:


We are utterly thrilled to announce the magical, glittering, marvelously magnificent Offbeat debut of:


And! One more player to be named later! (Oh! The suspense! So tingly! So evocative! I can hardly stand it – can you?)

Also KARISSA – verbose huckster and girl about town!

All this entertainment, for merely the price of your attention and your lovez! Sincerely, dear supporter of the underground arts community (We’re still dancing in a basement jazz club! Karissa’s still a stunningly lackadaisical promoter!), this is truly a show not to be missed. It will be awesome no matter what, but it will be rendered awesomer by your presence.

Join us! Be a part of the magic! Bring your friends! Bring your loved ones! Bring nice folks in who you meet on the sidewalk on your way to the show! And bring your dancing shoes and your party hat, because it’s about to get real. Aw yeah 😀 😀 😀

As always, the show is early (7ish to 9 or so!)

As always the show is FREE (zomg! srsly? srsly!)

As always, tasty libations and delectable nomz will flow like the Mighty Mississippi and the Charismatic Columbia decided to join forces and start a biker gang!

Come get some! Wooooo!

Viva Offbeat!

Love and hugz,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

Offbeat Belly Dance! This Friday! Free! Fun! Extra Lucky Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

I know what you’re thinking, dear Portlander. “Is this the third Friday or the second?”

Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself.

But being as this is the third Friday of the month, it’s time for the most off-kilterly awesome belly dance show in the world, and we’ll blow your socks clean off (with our radness), you’ve got to ask yourself one question:

Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Well you should, rakishly handsome Portlanders!

Because it’s time! Time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Join us THIS FRIDAY, when we return to our regularly scheduled and consistently amazing shenanigans at everyone’s favorite underground jazz club/belly dancer bunker.

As always, the show is early! 7ish to 9 or so!

As always, the show is fabulous! The shiny dancers! The bumpin’ tunes! The tasty food and sweet nourishing beer!

And as always, the show is freeeeeeeeeeee! (a very good price.)

This month, we will thrill to the speed, grace, and precision of the roguish redhead herself, Zighala Zurah!

We will marvel at the magical collision of hip hop and belly dance when the dynamic Vee takes to the floor!

We will be amazed by the amazing Jasmine, and her astonishing skillz and charisma!

We will be dazzled by the daring exploits of Niira Daniella Krupnick! Her Offbeat debut was astoundingly awesome and we’re so excited to have her back for another round!

We will delight in the darkly decadent dance stylings of a darling duet featuring the divine Miss Erika Ryn and her fine compatriot!

Stay tuned! More players to be named later!

Join us Friday! Get there early so you can get a good seat, or get there later and grab a chair at someone else’s table! Fine entertainment! Fun new friends! And so economical! Yowza!

Come be a part of the magic! Wooooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

This Friday! Feel the love! Join us for the February 2013 Edition of Offbeat Belly Dance! Woooo!

Ah, February! Such a short little month… and so chock full of love and Oregon’s birthday and the first timid whispers of spring… is there even room in this wee yet action packed little monthlet for an Offbeat show?

Dang skippy there is! Get some!

Yes, rakishly handsome Portlanders, it’s time! Join us THIS FRIDAY, for your monthly dose of our consistently amazing shenanigans at everyone’s favorite underground jazz club/belly dancer bunker.

As always, the show is early! 7ish to 9 or so!

As always, the show is fabulous! The shiny dancers! The bumpin’ tunes! The tasty food and sweet nourishing beer and other delectably fortifying libations!

And as always, the show is freeeeeeeeeeee! (a very good price.)

This month, we will thrill to the speed, grace, and precision of the roguish redhead herself, Zighala Zurah!

We will marvel at the magical collision of hip hop and belly dance when the dynamic Vee takes to the floor! Perhaps she’ll even be joined by some special guests? Truly, you must see to believe the awesomeness that is in store, charismatic and astute supporter of the underground arts scene (get it? underground? because we’re in a basement?)

We will be amazed by the amazing Jasmine, and her astonishing skillz and charisma!

We will swoon the sensational, sparkly, serpentine, Veena – the creative genius behind Crude Things and all around marvelous belly dancer!

And! We will delight in the darkly decadent dance stylings of Deviant Dance!

And, of course, your merry host for the evening, Karissa, will also take to the floor! Wooo!

I know what you’re thinking – That’s a whole lot of awesome to pack into one lineup. And you’re right, incisive and observant patron of awesomeness – but there’s more!

Verily! More!

Stay tuned! More players to be named later!

Join us Friday! Get there early so you can get a good seat, or get there later and grab a chair at someone else’s table! Fine entertainment! Fun new friends! And so economical! Yowza!

Come be a part of the magic! Wooooo! For lo, dear heart, it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Viva Offbeat! Woooo!

Hugz and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

This Friday! Offbeat’s Inaugural 2013 Edition! Free, Fantastic Belly Dance Action! Join Us!

Yes! You survived the holidays! They thought they could take the fight out of you, but no, noble patron of the esoteric arts, they were no match for you.

And now the new year begins! Resolutions to make and keep… or not… although if one of your resolutions was to add more awesomesauce to the gumbo of your life, then boy howdy are you in luck! Y’know why?

Offbeat! This Friday! Get some!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Yea verily, tis electric! (And easily mistaken for snow, but no – that’s totally an electric current of excitement you’re feeling, and not the wind chill.)

Come be a part of the magic, as we gather again in the depths of the Blue Monk’s welcoming and charmingly appointed basement jazz club to stretch, sparkle, and shatter the very limits of the art of belly dance!

Joining us this month are returning champions:

Zighala Zurah!




Plus, the triumphant return of fierce and fancy friend of Offbeat:


And come see the exciting, rock ’em sock ’em Offbeat debut of the fabulous and charismatic:


And! Just confirmed! The triumphant Offbeat return of:


And there’s more! Yes, friends, more. Stay tuned – we’re still confirming the rest of the lineup but I assure you, this shall be a thrilling night jam packed with awesomeness and featuring a diverse and kickass crew of dancers!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, goths, pirates, ninjas, panda lovers – this is going to be an amazing night of passionately inventive and delightfully dazzling dance! And it’s free!

In addition to the mindblowing radness of the dancing, the Blue Monk offers tasty libations (the full bar! the dizzying taplist! the delectable drink specials!) and fortifying foodstuffs (the beet salad! the pizza! the curry! the other stuff that’s super tasty but I don’t order it because it’s not vegan but I hear it’s awesome!), served up with a smile by delightful and attentive bartenders and waitstaff.

Seriously, it’s gonna be awesome.

How awesome? So awesome.

You should be there.

Join us this Friday! Bring your friends, your coworkers, your family members, and/or anyone else who seems charming and who you think would benefit from an evening of fun and fellowship! Wooo!

Start your 2013 off right with our signature blend of off-kilter awesomeness! Viva Offbeat! Yiyiyi!

Hugz and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

Offbeat! This Friday! Fun! Free! Apocalyptically Awesome!

Friends! Acquaintances! Strangers! Portlanders!

Have you ever woken up on the third Saturday of the month and thought, “Oh shoot! I missed that fun Offbeat show… oh well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world…”

This month, it actually might be! And if, in fact, the Mayan gods do rise up to reclaim this dimension of existence, wouldn’t you like to spend your last pre-Mayan god supervised evening enjoying some delightfully off-kilter awesomeness and badass belly dance?

In that case, you’re in luck!

Yes, dear souls! It’s time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Join us this month for our spine tingling serpentine spectacular, holding court deep within the labyrinthine confines of the beloved, venerable, and charming Blue Monk.

This month we have thrilling returning champions, the four horsemen of Offbeat:

Zighala Zurah!
And Karissa!

We will be amazed by performances from our illustrious Offbeat friends – nay good folk – Offbeat family:

The dazzling, delightful, and always thrilling:


Fabulous hostess, creative, feisty, fantastic dancer, and rowdy advocate of the belly dance community:

Samira Alemana!

And an extra special treat – a fabulous performance by:

Deviant Duet, aka the amazing and talented Sheila Rae and Grace Constantine!

AND! We are so excited to end the world with a marvelous beginning… yes, we are proud to present the Offbeat debut of:

Emily Sitara!

Truly, a lineup to be reckoned with!

As always, the show is early (7ish to 9 or so)!

As always, there shall tasty food and fortifying libations aplenty!

As always, the show will be completely awesome (Seriously. See the above lineup and copious use of exclamation points – totally warranted and actually quite conservative, I assure you.)!

As always, the show is FREEEEE (Such a deal!)!

And as always, gentle Portlander, the show would not be the same without you! Please join us for a magical night of awesomeness and belly dancing and amazement and also possibly the triumphant return of the Mayan gods or the end of the world or maybe the calendar just flips over – I rarely read up too much on doomsday theories so I profess a degree of ignorance around this whole thing, but hey, whatever the case, it’s a great excuse to party, am I right? Woooo! See you there!

Tonight! Offbeat! Get some!

Sassy Portlanders! It’s Offbeat time!

Join us this Friday at the Blue Monk for a truly fabulous lineup of wonderful dancers:

Thrill to the artistry of:


Vee! ~ The hip hop fusion belly dancer hailing from Mt. Scott Community Center! Check out her classes Tuesdays evenings for more of her cardio, shimmylicious stylizations! More class info here:

Zighala Zurah! ~ The Turkish fusion dubstep dancer hailing from the Viscount! Check out her classes Saturday afternoons for improvisational, multidimensional topics! More class info here:

Jasmine! ~ The spiritual Goddess hailing from Universal Love and, of course, Bridgetown Fashion Review! She designs beautiful clothing and unique items, check them out here:

Karissa! ~ Famous Portland MC extraordinaire, the fusion dancer that fuses so many amazing styles it is impossible to put into words… she has created her signature look after years of workshops and classes with the world’s finest dancers! You’ve loved her for years, with her epic spins, floorwork, and of course THAT HAIR! Hot cha cha! She’s your hostess of Offbeat!

[Bios for the four horsemen courtesy of Zighala herself – teacher, performer, and marketing ninja!]

Delight in the triumphant return of a dancer who’s always a show stopping delight:

Natasha! ~ Amazing teacher and regular dancer at Marrakesh! She will enthrall you with her tight isolations and crazy floorwork!

Prepare to have your socks knocked off (yea verily, off, I say!) by the sassy stylings of:

Margaret! She’s thrilled you as a member of Mandala, but have you seen her solo? Fierce! Awesome! Sparkly!

And rock out to the raucous, innovative fabulousness of:

Veena! Talented costumer and dancer extraordinaire, we exult in our good fortune at having her back in the lineup!

And esteemed member of Deviant Dance, glorious soloist, awesome magazine creatrix:

Stephanie Sandmeyer!

And finally, be amazed by an exciting Offbeat debut! We are so very excited to finally welcome to our lineup:

You’ve seen her dance with some of Portland’s top troupes, you’ve seen her gloriously theatrical solos at Raqs Oubliettes, now welcome her to the Offbeat stage:

Brittany Welch!

Ladies and gentlemen! This show is gonna be awesome! You could miss it, but would you want to live with that knowledge? No, kind soul. Don’t deny yourself all this radness! Join us at the Blue Monk! Wooo!

Viva Offbeat!


Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance