Join us for our April Show! Saturday April 23rd at Crush!


Friends! Romans! Portlanders! Etc!

Exciting news about this month’s Offbeat Belly Dance Show!

This month’s show will be our Awesome Eighth Anniversary Extravaganza!

And! It will be a bit off schedule. But it will still be awesome.

And! It will be at a different venue. How exciting is that?

Due to scheduling conflicts at our beloved home base, this month’s show will be Saturday April 23rd at 7pm at Crush (located just one block north of SE 14th and Belmont, at 1400 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214).

Please do consider joining us for an absolutely fabulous show! Stay tuned for an invite with all the lineup details!

Viva Offbeat! Yiyiyi!

Hugs and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

P.S. Big love to the amazing Guy Masson of Phoebus Photo for capturing this majestic shot from our March 2016 show 😀

See more of his fantastic work here:

And here:

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