Offbeat Belly Dance! This Friday! The Winterpalooza 2015 Edition! Join us!

Warmest greetings, Wintry Portlanders!

I hope that you are surviving the holiday season, staying warm, and earnestly anticipating the juggernaut of wonder that is 2016!

(Can you sense it? The impending juggernautiness? The brewing wonderment? No? Just me? Fine. Whatever…)

But 2015’s not over just yet! Guess what that means!

Yes! We’ve got one more glittering, mesmeric Offbeat Belly Dance show for 2015 – and we want you to join us!

Yes, you, Scandalously Charismatic Portlander!

For lo, we have a completely awesome lineup…

Forsooth, we have a wonderfully welcoming venue stocked full of delicious libations and tasty nomz…

Fo shizzle, though, without our hearty crew of beloved and good looking audience members, all our radness will be for (jugger)naught, and you – yes you, dear soul – will miss out on an absolutely fabulous Friday night’s entertainment.

Therefore join us, Sassy Portlander! After all, dig if you will this fantastic lineup:

We are delighted to be joined by three of the four horsemen of Offbeat:

Jasmine Rain!

Zighala Zurah!

And Vee!

And! We are thrilled to feature what is sure to be a dazzling performance by the hypnotic and evocative –

Jewels J Phoenix!

And! We are delighted to bring you the return of the stunningly eclectic, the scandalously graceful, the fantastically wonderful –

Rin Ajna!

We are ecstatic to welcome an amazing collaborative piece featuring work by –

Lúlu Stone! Brittany Stark! And Rin Ajna!

And! We are rapturously gleeful to bring you the return of the shiny and captivating –

Isa Cervantes!

Finally and fabulously, we are so very stoked to bring you the Offbeat Belly Dance debut of the luminescent and enchanting –

Jalilah Bellydance!

And of course the insouciant Karissa will be your humble and loquacious MC 😉

As always, the show is FREE! (such a night for such a bargain!)

As always the show is early! (7 to 9:30 or so!)

As always, the show will be awwwwwwesome! (wooo!)

And as always, Noble Patron of Portland’s Amazing Belly Dance Scene, the night will not be complete without you 😉

Join us for fun, fellowship, and fabulous dancing! Bring friends! Bring family members! And bring your dancing feet!

See you Friday!

Viva Offbeat!


Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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