This Friday! Offbeat Belly Dance! Fun! Fabulous! FREE Show! Wooo!

Ladies! Gentlemen! Nonbinarily Gendered Folk! What time is it?

It’s time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Join us this Friday for this month’s round of eccentric, eclectic, esoteric belly dance goodness!

We have a stunning lineup planned for you – verily, feast your eyes upon the merry crew we’ve assembled for your night of entertainment and amazement!

We are hella stoked to bring you solos by three of the four horsemen of Offbeat:

The effervescent and captivating Vee Souryamat!

The incandescent and spellbinding Jasmine Rain!

The ebullient and riveting Zighala Zurah!

We are delighted to have truly marvelous guest dancers joining us this month, including:

The long overdue and much anticipated return of dazzling and magnetic birthday girl Cynthia Fox!

The triumphant return of the serpentine and enthralling Laura Blake!

The always awesome return of the stunning and mesmerizing Niira Daniella!

And! The fabulous Offbeat Belly Dance debut of the sirenic and bewitching Amira Alexander!

Yes, Noble Portlander, this will be an awesomesauce show. But it won’t be the same without you! Join us!

Revel in our good fortune to share this magical night with marvelous company and all this glittering talent and radsaucitude!

Exult in the fortifying, delectable beverages and scrumptious food items!

Cherish the memories of this night forever after – truly, Charismatic Portlander, it will be a night of epic triumph and dance!

As always, the show will be early!

As always, the show is FREE! (All this entertainment, for the price of none!)

And as always, the show will be way more cool if you’re there 🙂

Please do join us, sassy Portlander. You owe it to yourself. It’s been a long week, yo. You deserve some off-kilter awesomeness and badass belly dance in your life. Come be a part of the magic!

Hugs and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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