Offbeat Belly Dance! Tonight! Free, fabulous, fun show! Get some!

The beautiful and fearsome Zighala Zurah, one of the four horsemen of Offbeat

Tonight! So many awesome things to do in our fair city!

Including Offbeat Belly Dance!

We’re free, we’re fun, we’re early, and we have an absolutely fabulous lineup tonight, meticulously hand crafted for your enjoyment.

Do join us and be a part of the magic!

Already got plans? That’s cool! Consider us a marvelous springboard into a fun filled weekend, and stop by to say hi – perhaps you can only stay for a moment or two, or perhaps you will be drawn in by the sparkles and the fellowship and spend the entire evening in the company of our merry crew of rapscallions!

Wherever your evening takes you, I hope that your Friday is jampacked with awesomeness (and if you find your Friday needs some extra awesome, then you know where to find us )

Viva Offbeat! Wooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

P.S.  Need the details?  Behold!  Ye olde facebook invite:

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