This Friday! Offbeat’s Triumphant Return!

It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had an Offbeat show, right?

I know my soul keens for the fun times and excellent dancing that abounds at our convivial and unique little show in the mysterious and tastefully appointed basement of everyone’s favorite jazz club.

Does your soul keen for such things as well, Gentle Portlander?

If so, then you’re in luck! Join us this Friday for the July edition of Offbeat! Woooo!

Our lineup features sparkling and dynamic returning champions:



And Karissa!

We shall also be joined by two of my favorite local dancers:

Margaret Gustafson!


Jo Noura!

And we are thrilled to announce a marvelous Offbeat debut performance (verily, Incisive Portlander, we are thrilled and glittering at the very thought of it)!

Join us this Friday for the Offbeat Belly Dance debut of:


Perhaps you’ve taken the belly dance basics class she teaches with Lisa Vavrek of Scarlet Thistle at 6pm on Sundays at Znama Dance?

If not, then you should definitely check them out, and join us this Friday to check out her enchanting Offbeat debut!

And we are beyond delighted to share the stage with a marvelously talented Portlander who currently hangs her hat in the faraway land of Boston – our very special guest:

Bevin Victoria Solmon aka Hybrid!

Yaaaaaaay! So excited to share the stage with this lineup, and to share the evening with you, charismatic patron of Portland’s underground belly dance scene 😀

Can you feel it, Zesty Portlander?

The sparkling anticipation of a night of amazing dancing?

The effervescent promise of the Blue Monk’s fine food and drink, the merry fellowship, the vivacious allskates?

The electric current of excitement that crackles in the very air that we breathe?

That’s the undeniable pull of Offbeat, beckoning you to come be a part of the magic, this Friday at the Blue Monk!

As always, the show is early (so convenient!)

As always, the show is free (a very good price!)

And as always, the show will be faaaaabulous (and will be rendered infinitely more so by your presence!)

Join us this Friday for good times and great dancing at Portland’s favorite monthly showcase of off-kilter awesomeness!

Viva Offbeat! Wooooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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