This Friday! Join us for Offbeat’s Off-schedule Awesomeness!

Friends! Strangers! Casual Acquaintances! Are you ready for Offbeat?

I know, I know, you may not think it’s time for Offbeat yet. You’re used to having us on your calendar as a Third Friday event.

However, due to the capriciousness of the calendar gods, the June edition of Offbeat is THIS Friday!

So! If our usual schedule makes it tough for you to make it to a show, please do capitalize upon this rare opportunity to catch us on a different night!

And! If you’re a regular fixture at our shows, a card carrying Offbeatnik, then hey – how awesome is it that our show is running early this month? Please join us this Friday and don’t miss your June fix of Offbeat awesomeness!

And speaking of awesomeness, check out this lineup:

We will be joined by returning champions:

Jasmine Rain!

and Karissa!

And, after far, far too long an absence from our stage, we are delighted to welcome the return of one of the Portland belly dance scene’s hardest working community members:

Bianca McCarthy!

(Yes! The mastermind behind 9 Ladies Dancing Productions! One of the fine folks who bring you Jamballah! The producer of Dead Men Tell No Tales! And so! much! more! Seriously, she’s everywhere! And this Friday she’s on our stage – don’t miss the fabulousness!)

Furthermore, we welcome back another amazing, hard working dancer about town:

Stephanie Sandmeyer!

(That’s right! You’ve seen her with Deviant Dance, you’ve read her kickass belly dance journal, From the Hip, you’re probably still reeling from the incredible From the Hip Spring Showcase that she produced. Now come see her solo in fine Offbeat style!)

We also have two (count ’em! two!) thrilling Offbeat debuts!

Our first debut dancer has graced our stage before with the charmingly riveting troupe Tableaux Vivant, but never before has she graced us with a solo performance. This Friday, that all changes with the Offbeat solo debut of:

Lili Ristagno!

And last, but certainly not least, our second debut dancer has not yet trod upon our stage, though you surely have seen her beautiful, haunting solo work at many of Portland’s finest shows like Raqs Oubliettes. Perhaps you saw her dazzling troupe performance at this year’s Tribal Fest, with the Datura Dance Company? Even if you’ve somehow missed her magic thus far, please don’t miss the Offbeat debut of:

Tabra Bay!

Zounds, ladies and gentlemen! This will be a truly fabulous show!

Please do join us this Friday so that you can be a part of the magic – because even with a lineup this badass, our night will still be incomplete without you, dear Portlander!

And remember to get there early! Our beloved venue is running multiple shows per night these days, so we’re trying to run more on time(ish)!


The show starts at 7(srsly) and runs til 9:30(ish)

As always, the show is FREEEEEEEE (such a deal!)

The drinks, the nomz, and the fellowship will each be delectable beyond compare!

And you, noble Portlander, yes you should join us there!

Viva summertime! Viva you! And viva Offbeat! Wooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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