This Friday! Offbeat Belly Dance! Fifth Anniversary Extravaganza! Wooo!

Friends! Romans! Portlanders! Ninjas! Pirates! Miscreants! Hipsters! And all other players to be named later – Lend me your eyeballs!

Forsooth! This is a Very Special Invite to a Very Special Episode of Portland’s own Offbeat Belly Dance!

Our April show is going to be an awesome show. Why, you ask? Well, because they’re *always* awesome. Obviously! Psh… πŸ˜€

And also?


That’s right! Five sparkly marvelous years ago the four horsemen of Offbeat and our many hale and hearty compatriots began a thrilling, uncharted journey through the far reaches of the wonderful world of belly dance! What a long, strange trip it’s been! Here’s to an even longer, stranger trip ahead!

Thank you for your continued support and radtacularness, festive and good looking Offbeat audience members! Without you, there would be no Offbeat and we would be sad (red) pandas.

So please join us! This Friday! As we kick off the next epic half decade of rock ’em sock ’em Offbeat Belly Dance goodness!

Our lineup is, as always, radsauce! We have the four horsemen of Offbeat! There shall be the long awaited return of a wonderful friend of Offbeat! We will behold the badass debut of a fantastic new friend of Offbeat! And! More!

Join us and delight at the daring dancing of:

The tireless promoter, the makeup ninja, the amazing instructor, the dubstep dancer herself:


The fiercely fantastic hiphop muse of glittery goodness:


The whirling dervish of crafty wonderment and sparkly sassiness:


(By the way, have you checked out her amazing harem pants and other wonders on sale at Jasmine’s Etsy page? No? Srsly bro, it’s fantastic stuff!)

We will witness the oh so triumphant return of Offbeat friend and family member and absolutely fabulous dancer:


We are utterly thrilled to announce the magical, glittering, marvelously magnificent Offbeat debut of:


And! One more player to be named later! (Oh! The suspense! So tingly! So evocative! I can hardly stand it – can you?)

Also KARISSA – verbose huckster and girl about town!

All this entertainment, for merely the price of your attention and your lovez! Sincerely, dear supporter of the underground arts community (We’re still dancing in a basement jazz club! Karissa’s still a stunningly lackadaisical promoter!), this is truly a show not to be missed. It will be awesome no matter what, but it will be rendered awesomer by your presence.

Join us! Be a part of the magic! Bring your friends! Bring your loved ones! Bring nice folks in who you meet on the sidewalk on your way to the show! And bring your dancing shoes and your party hat, because it’s about to get real. Aw yeah πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

As always, the show is early (7ish to 9 or so!)

As always the show is FREE (zomg! srsly? srsly!)

As always, tasty libations and delectable nomz will flow like the Mighty Mississippi and the Charismatic Columbia decided to join forces and start a biker gang!

Come get some! Wooooo!

Viva Offbeat!

Love and hugz,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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