Offbeat Belly Dance! This Friday! Free! Fun! Extra Lucky Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

I know what you’re thinking, dear Portlander. “Is this the third Friday or the second?”

Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself.

But being as this is the third Friday of the month, it’s time for the most off-kilterly awesome belly dance show in the world, and we’ll blow your socks clean off (with our radness), you’ve got to ask yourself one question:

Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Well you should, rakishly handsome Portlanders!

Because it’s time! Time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Join us THIS FRIDAY, when we return to our regularly scheduled and consistently amazing shenanigans at everyone’s favorite underground jazz club/belly dancer bunker.

As always, the show is early! 7ish to 9 or so!

As always, the show is fabulous! The shiny dancers! The bumpin’ tunes! The tasty food and sweet nourishing beer!

And as always, the show is freeeeeeeeeeee! (a very good price.)

This month, we will thrill to the speed, grace, and precision of the roguish redhead herself, Zighala Zurah!

We will marvel at the magical collision of hip hop and belly dance when the dynamic Vee takes to the floor!

We will be amazed by the amazing Jasmine, and her astonishing skillz and charisma!

We will be dazzled by the daring exploits of Niira Daniella Krupnick! Her Offbeat debut was astoundingly awesome and we’re so excited to have her back for another round!

We will delight in the darkly decadent dance stylings of a darling duet featuring the divine Miss Erika Ryn and her fine compatriot!

Stay tuned! More players to be named later!

Join us Friday! Get there early so you can get a good seat, or get there later and grab a chair at someone else’s table! Fine entertainment! Fun new friends! And so economical! Yowza!

Come be a part of the magic! Wooooo!

Hugz and sparklez,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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