This Friday! Feel the love! Join us for the February 2013 Edition of Offbeat Belly Dance! Woooo!

Ah, February! Such a short little month… and so chock full of love and Oregon’s birthday and the first timid whispers of spring… is there even room in this wee yet action packed little monthlet for an Offbeat show?

Dang skippy there is! Get some!

Yes, rakishly handsome Portlanders, it’s time! Join us THIS FRIDAY, for your monthly dose of our consistently amazing shenanigans at everyone’s favorite underground jazz club/belly dancer bunker.

As always, the show is early! 7ish to 9 or so!

As always, the show is fabulous! The shiny dancers! The bumpin’ tunes! The tasty food and sweet nourishing beer and other delectably fortifying libations!

And as always, the show is freeeeeeeeeeee! (a very good price.)

This month, we will thrill to the speed, grace, and precision of the roguish redhead herself, Zighala Zurah!

We will marvel at the magical collision of hip hop and belly dance when the dynamic Vee takes to the floor! Perhaps she’ll even be joined by some special guests? Truly, you must see to believe the awesomeness that is in store, charismatic and astute supporter of the underground arts scene (get it? underground? because we’re in a basement?)

We will be amazed by the amazing Jasmine, and her astonishing skillz and charisma!

We will swoon the sensational, sparkly, serpentine, Veena ā€“ the creative genius behind Crude Things and all around marvelous belly dancer!

And! We will delight in the darkly decadent dance stylings of Deviant Dance!

And, of course, your merry host for the evening, Karissa, will also take to the floor! Wooo!

I know what you’re thinking ā€“ That’s a whole lot of awesome to pack into one lineup. And you’re right, incisive and observant patron of awesomeness ā€“ but there’s more!

Verily! More!

Stay tuned! More players to be named later!

Join us Friday! Get there early so you can get a good seat, or get there later and grab a chair at someone else’s table! Fine entertainment! Fun new friends! And so economical! Yowza!

Come be a part of the magic! Wooooo! For lo, dear heart, it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Viva Offbeat! Woooo!

Hugz and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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