This Friday! Offbeat’s Inaugural 2013 Edition! Free, Fantastic Belly Dance Action! Join Us!

Yes! You survived the holidays! They thought they could take the fight out of you, but no, noble patron of the esoteric arts, they were no match for you.

And now the new year begins! Resolutions to make and keep… or not… although if one of your resolutions was to add more awesomesauce to the gumbo of your life, then boy howdy are you in luck! Y’know why?

Offbeat! This Friday! Get some!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Yea verily, tis electric! (And easily mistaken for snow, but no – that’s totally an electric current of excitement you’re feeling, and not the wind chill.)

Come be a part of the magic, as we gather again in the depths of the Blue Monk’s welcoming and charmingly appointed basement jazz club to stretch, sparkle, and shatter the very limits of the art of belly dance!

Joining us this month are returning champions:

Zighala Zurah!




Plus, the triumphant return of fierce and fancy friend of Offbeat:


And come see the exciting, rock ’em sock ’em Offbeat debut of the fabulous and charismatic:


And! Just confirmed! The triumphant Offbeat return of:


And there’s more! Yes, friends, more. Stay tuned – we’re still confirming the rest of the lineup but I assure you, this shall be a thrilling night jam packed with awesomeness and featuring a diverse and kickass crew of dancers!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, goths, pirates, ninjas, panda lovers – this is going to be an amazing night of passionately inventive and delightfully dazzling dance! And it’s free!

In addition to the mindblowing radness of the dancing, the Blue Monk offers tasty libations (the full bar! the dizzying taplist! the delectable drink specials!) and fortifying foodstuffs (the beet salad! the pizza! the curry! the other stuff that’s super tasty but I don’t order it because it’s not vegan but I hear it’s awesome!), served up with a smile by delightful and attentive bartenders and waitstaff.

Seriously, it’s gonna be awesome.

How awesome? So awesome.

You should be there.

Join us this Friday! Bring your friends, your coworkers, your family members, and/or anyone else who seems charming and who you think would benefit from an evening of fun and fellowship! Wooo!

Start your 2013 off right with our signature blend of off-kilter awesomeness! Viva Offbeat! Yiyiyi!

Hugz and sparkles,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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