Tonight! Offbeat! Get some!

Sassy Portlanders! It’s Offbeat time!

Join us this Friday at the Blue Monk for a truly fabulous lineup of wonderful dancers:

Thrill to the artistry of:


Vee! ~ The hip hop fusion belly dancer hailing from Mt. Scott Community Center! Check out her classes Tuesdays evenings for more of her cardio, shimmylicious stylizations! More class info here:

Zighala Zurah! ~ The Turkish fusion dubstep dancer hailing from the Viscount! Check out her classes Saturday afternoons for improvisational, multidimensional topics! More class info here:

Jasmine! ~ The spiritual Goddess hailing from Universal Love and, of course, Bridgetown Fashion Review! She designs beautiful clothing and unique items, check them out here:

Karissa! ~ Famous Portland MC extraordinaire, the fusion dancer that fuses so many amazing styles it is impossible to put into words… she has created her signature look after years of workshops and classes with the world’s finest dancers! You’ve loved her for years, with her epic spins, floorwork, and of course THAT HAIR! Hot cha cha! She’s your hostess of Offbeat!

[Bios for the four horsemen courtesy of Zighala herself – teacher, performer, and marketing ninja!]

Delight in the triumphant return of a dancer who’s always a show stopping delight:

Natasha! ~ Amazing teacher and regular dancer at Marrakesh! She will enthrall you with her tight isolations and crazy floorwork!

Prepare to have your socks knocked off (yea verily, off, I say!) by the sassy stylings of:

Margaret! She’s thrilled you as a member of Mandala, but have you seen her solo? Fierce! Awesome! Sparkly!

And rock out to the raucous, innovative fabulousness of:

Veena! Talented costumer and dancer extraordinaire, we exult in our good fortune at having her back in the lineup!

And esteemed member of Deviant Dance, glorious soloist, awesome magazine creatrix:

Stephanie Sandmeyer!

And finally, be amazed by an exciting Offbeat debut! We are so very excited to finally welcome to our lineup:

You’ve seen her dance with some of Portland’s top troupes, you’ve seen her gloriously theatrical solos at Raqs Oubliettes, now welcome her to the Offbeat stage:

Brittany Welch!

Ladies and gentlemen! This show is gonna be awesome! You could miss it, but would you want to live with that knowledge? No, kind soul. Don’t deny yourself all this radness! Join us at the Blue Monk! Wooo!

Viva Offbeat!


Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

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