OFFBEAT!!! This Friday!!!! FREEE show!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!

ll these exclamation points and extra letters can only mean one thing! Yes, dear souls! It’s time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Join us this month for our spine tingling serpentine spectacular, holding court deep within the labyrinthine confines of the beloved, venerable, and charming Blue Monk.

This month we have thrilling returning champions:

Zighala Zurah!

We will be amazed by performances from our illustrious Offbeat friends – nay good folk – Offbeat family:

Erika Ryn!

Truly, a lineup to be reckoned with!

As always, the show is early (7 to 9 or so)!

As always, there shall tasty food and fortifying libations aplenty!

As always, the show will be completely awesome (Seriously. See the above lineup and copious use of exclamation points – totally warranted and actually quite conservative, I assure you.)!

As always, the show is FREEEEE (Such a deal!)!

And as always, gentle Portlander, the show would not be the same without you! Please join us for a magical night of awesomeness and belly dancing and amazement and also possibly rayguns and swords and zombies and pirates. Woooo! See you there!


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