This Friday! Offbeat! Wooo!

What time is it? It’s Offbeat time!

Yes, fine citizens, this Friday we return to the ever more gloriously appointed basement jazz club/den of iniquity/belly dance bunker that lies hidden ‘neath The Blue Monk.

Join us this month for returning champions! Thrill to the shiny, spectacular, scintillating awesomeness of:



And Karissa!

But wait! There’s more! The returning champions aren’t the only Offbeat veterans this month! Join us and behold the fabulousness of:

Stephanie Sandmeyer of Deviant Dance! Yes! You’ve seen her grace our stage as part of the amazing Deviant crew, but rare is the opportunity to see her roll solo with us. Don’t miss your chance!


Kalilah! Yes, she of the fabulous hair, amazing hand beaded costumes, and shamelessly charismatic stage presence!

So I know that at this point you’re all like “Dude! Seriously, how much awesomeness can they pack into one show? Surely the above listed dancers represent the full extent of the lineup.”

Oh no. We’ve only just begun to awesome your face off, attractive and good natured supporter of the local arts scene!

That’s right! There’s more!

Marvel at three – yes! three! – Offbeat debuts! That’s right, noble Portlanders, we’re going for the trifecta…

Our first Offbeat debut of the month comes from a relatively recent addition to the bustling Portland belly dance community.

If you’re lucky, you’ve likely seen this tiny and talented dancer about town at Marrakesh and the Blue Monk, or perhaps performing with the Rhythm Keepers or the Charleens. Maybe you haven’t yet witnessed her awesomeness, but whatever the case you owe it to yourself to see this thrilling, winsome performer, therefore we implore you to join us for the Offbeat debut of:

Julie Foat!

Our next Offbeat debut for November is a dancer who has long been a member of the Portland belly dance community, but who has been out of the performance scene for a while. We are delighted to have lured her back onto the stage! That’s right, it’s the Offbeat debut of:


Our final Offbeat debut of the month comes from an awesome, longtime supporter of the Portland belly dance community.

She’s wowed you with her performances at finer local restaurants…

She’s amazed you with her longstanding and tireless support of the local belly dance scene, dancing at community shows throughout the Portland metro area…

She’s participated in competitions throughout the northwest, stunning the judges with her radsauceness and taking home title after title, including 1st place in the Professional categories at the Jewel of the Sierra contest in 2010, the Emerald Rain contest in 2009, and the North Valley contest in 2007…

And finally! She has a Friday night free!

Ladies! Gentlemen! Ninjas! Pirates! Rapscallions! Math majors! Everyone else! Join us Friday for the Offbeat Belly Dance debut of…


As always, the show is FREE! (So affordable – and yet so much awesomeness!)

As always, the show is early (7 to 9-ish! So convenient!)

As always, the show is going to be off the hook zomg amazing! (Doooode!)

Come join us! Start your weekend off right with our own special brand of off-kilter awesomeness and delightfully unusual belly dance!

Wooo! Viva Offbeat!

Lovez and hugz,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance


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