October Offbeat OMG! Free show! This Friday! Good times! Woooo!

Noble Portlanders! Doesn’t it seem like it’s been a while since the last Offbeat Belly Dance bacchanalian awesomefest? Do you know what that means?

It’s time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Yes, the red panda party don’t stop. This Friday it’s time once again for everyone’s favorite evening of off-kilter awesomeness at the Blue Monk.
…(tharr be more)
Join us for this month’s Offbeat Belly Dance show, as we bring you alternative, experimental, and sometimes even traditional belly dance.

This Friday marks the premiere Offbeat performance of the scintillating, the sparkly, the amazing:

She is truly a wondrous dancer. Yea verily, she will blow your very mind with her mastery of the dance! We are thrilled to have her join us!

Also this Friday we have returning champions galore, including:

Shalah of the Rhythm Keepers belly dance night at Marino’s!

Elise of Belly Dance Uncorked!

Deviant Dance, the simply astounding sirens of serpentine stupendousness!

Zighala Zurah of the Viscount Dance Studios!

Jasmine of all manner of crafty fabulousness!

VEE, of the Mt. Scott Community Center!

And finally, as a special treat – a duet by Jadzia and her trust compatriot!

Ladies, gentlemen, friends, Romans, countrymen! This! This will be a show NOT TO BE MISSED! Forsooth, I cannot impress upon you enough how awesome this show shall be… you simply must come to see it yourself. Also I’ll be dancing and that’s always a hoot. Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your friends’ friends!

Most of all, bring good shoes, as there is dancing to be done, and if you wear socks, gentle Portlander, then lace yer shoes up tight, lest your socks be knocked clean off! Off, I say, by the sheer blinding power of our awesomeness! Yowza!

As always, the show is FREE!

As always, the show is early! (7ish to 9 or so!)

Join us!

Bring your friends! (did I say that already? seriously. marshal the posse. rally the troops. scramble the rumble squad. whatever you call, it, just dig deep and bring it!)

Start your weekend off right with our own special brand of belly dance awesomeness. Woooo!

Love and hugz,

Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance

P.S. Need yet another reason not to miss this show? It’s Zig’s birthday! Like, her actual day of birth and everything! Come be a part of the magic!


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