RAWR! Offbeat! This Friday! Blue Monk!

Yo! Noble Portlanders! Grab your party hat and head to the Blue Monk! This Friday it’s time once more for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Ah yes, the Blue Monk! Home of delicious beer! Complex and intriguing mixed drinks! Tasty food! Happy hour til 8! Air conditioning!

And Offbeat Belly Dance! This month’s lineup of rock ’em sock ’em fabulous dancers is nearly too awesome to be believed! Please do join us, and feast your eyes upon the wonders of….


And as if that weren’t enough –

The fantastic Mandala will once again bring their sassy tribal fusion stylings to the Offbeat stage!

And this month marks the Offbeat debut of:

Evryn! You’ve seen her at Julia’s, you’ve seen her at Star E. Rose, now marvel as she unleashes her ferociously awesome veil work, mesmerizing musicality, and boundless energy upon the world of Offbeat!

And of course, we will also have me – Karissa – merrily dancing and ringleadering and serving as your humble yet knowing sherpa on this daring excursion to the top of Mount Awesome!

As always, the show is FREEEEE!

As always, the show will be AWESOME!

And as always, dear heart, it will not be nearly as spectacular without YOOOOOO!

Join us! Bring your friends! Bring acquaintances you would like to get to know better and who you feel would be charmed by our little serpentine spectacular snuggled deep within the labyrinthine depths of the Monk!

Start your weekend off right with our own special brand of off-kilter awesomeness and wonderfully weird belly dance!

Viva Offbeat!


Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance


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