This Friday! Come get some of our awesomeness!

Ye gods! Good people of Portland! It’s time! Yes! Time, once more for everyone’s favorite evening of off kilter awesomeness, Offbeat Belly Dance!

That’s right, this Friday at the Blue Monk, we will bring you our very best in weird and wonderful belly dance.

This month features some of our favorite returning champions including:

The Serpentine Shallah!
The Zephyrean Ziggy!
The Vibrant Vee!
The Awesome Adeylah!
The Jingly and Jubilant Jasmine!
The Kharismatic Karissa! (sometimes alliteration is hard.)

And more!

Stay tuned! More players to be named later!

And do join us!

As always, the show is FREEEEEEE! (so much entertainment! all for $0!)

As always, the show is early! (7 to 9!)

And as always, the show shall be fabulous! (fun times will be had by all! all, I tell you!)

Do join us, good folk, for good timing, club rocking, genre defying belly dance. Start your evening off right with our own special brand of off-kilter awesomeness! Woooo!


3 thoughts on “This Friday! Come get some of our awesomeness!

  1. Lotsa of good fun at the Blue Monk and Karissa is probably one of the most beautiful women I have even seen, so worth going for that alone.

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