Offbeat 2nd Anniversary Show! Freeeee! This Friday!

My oh, my good citizens! Can it be? Has it really been two long years since we set sail on this fantastic voyage?

Yes! Yes, it apparently has! Two long and glorious years have passed as the plucky folks of Offbeat have plumbed the briny depths of creativity to bring forth wondrous glittering specimens of awesomeness, unexpected fusions of delightfulness and kickassedness, lavish spectacles of the unexpected and the arcane!

But we are not done yet, noble fans of belly dance! No! We have yet more awesome to bring you – the charming and supportive fans of our merry little show!

Come join us!

Friday April 16th! 7 to 9 pm! At the fabulous Blue Monk!

Still off-kilter! Still awesome! Still FREEEEEE!

Raise a glass to the awesomeness that has been, and be there to witness the awesomeness still to come!

Without you, handsome and good natured audience, there is no show. Or rather there is, but it’s odd and much less fun. Please do join us for this auspicious anniversary! Bring your friends! Your Romans! Your countrymen and women! Come be a part of the magic! Woooo!


Ringleader, Offbeat Belly Dance


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