Offbeat is Off-Schedule! (Yet still FREEE! And still awesome!)

Karissa, Ringleader of Offbeat

Noble Portlanders! It’s time for Offbeat Belly Dance!

Notice how I’m getting the word out totally early this month? Forsooth! Something must be afoot!

You are correct, discerning fan of belly dance! You see, our beloved venue had a bit of scheduling weirdness, and thus this month Offbeat will be on SATURDAY, FEB 20! Same bat time (7 to 9!) same bat bar (The Blue Monk).

And I know, I know, this is a little weird… you’re used to seeing us on Friday… but don’t worry! Next month we’ll go right back to our normal schedule. And hey! Don’t you have some friends you’d like to bring to our show, but they’re always complaining “Oh, I can’t do Fridays… sorry dawg, I have curling practice that night.” Dude. Problem solved. Bring them this month! Share the thrill of our alternative, experimental, and sometimes even traditional belly dance.

This month we are thrilled to welcome back Julia Sansarian! This captivating wonder performs regularly throughout the Portland metro area as a featured performer with the March Fourth Marching Band, as a member of the saucy and spectacular burlesque troupe The Good Time Girls, and more! She rocked the house with her Offbeat debut, wowing us all her wild world fusion style, and we are thrilled to have her back!

Also joining us this month is Endi! She simply must be seen to be believed – how *does* she fit so much talent into such a tiny package? Join us, and be mesmerized by this enormously talented gothic beauty!

Also this Friday we have returning champions galore, including the hypnotic and electric Ziggy of Middle Eastern Magic at Julia’s! Jasmine, bewitching dancer and seamstress extraordinaire! VEE, the exotic whirligig of charisma and inveterate aficionado of hip hop!

As always, the show is FREE!

As always, happy hour goes until 8pm downstairs in the jazz club/belly dancer bunker.

Join us!

Bring your friends! Bring random people who seem fun! Really, what better way to find a new pal than to hit up a charming stranger and say “Hey sailor! Wanna see some belly dance? It’s awesome.” Why not give it a shot? Fortune favors the bold!

Start your evening off right with our own special brand of belly dance awesomeness. Woooo!


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